Action for Sustainable Development


Stand Together Now for a Just, Peaceful & Sustainable World


This September, when world leaders meet at key UN Summits in New York we will stand together across civil society to demand a more ambitious plan for delivering on the core promises of 2015: greater equality; voice; peace and climate and environmental justice, join us!  

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In 2015, the world’s political leaders signed a series of agreements in which they promised to begin a critical shift away from the current unsustainable and unjust development models. People around the world have called for a new approach that places them and the planet at the heart and centre of development. We must now shift how much we produce and consume, how we trade and invest, how we create and distribute wealth, how we use and preserve natural resources and how we resource our development.

We come together to inspire and commit to actions that empower all peoples, especially those who have been marginalised; and in order to collectively tackle the root causes of inequality, injustice, poverty, environmental degradation and climate change. We want a world where social and environmental development justice is assured and all people are able to live in a prosperous, healthy and peaceful environment.

Innovative Solutions

See and submit ideas for sustainable development implementation

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Monitoring & Accountability

Track and measure progress on the delivery of commitments

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Policy & Advocacy

Develop action priorities for the UN and Member States to consider

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Public Mobilisation

Hit the streets and raise awareness online to build a people's movement

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