You can join us and get involved in activities in the following areas:

Policy & Advocacy: We will analyse and ask tough questions where we see problems, risks and shortcomings, we will work in a coordinated way to push power-holders to fully implement the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Change Agreement | See a complete overview of Policy and Advocacy activities here | For previous meeting notes, see here.

Monitoring & Accountability: We will invest in the capacity and confidence of civil society to monitor progress on sustainable development, with a particular focus on citizen-generated data | See a complete overview of Monitoring & Accountability activities here For previous meeting notes, see here.

Public Mobilisation: Recognising that this should be a People’s Agenda, we will work to familiarise the public with sustainable development and the commitments made by governments, with an aim to promote people-powered accountability and support the mobilisation of people. We will organise solidarity actions with people working for sustainable development and cooperate with others to build a people’s movement. |  See a complete overview of Public Mobilisation activities here For previous meeting notes, see here.

Innovative solutions: We will showcase examples of how civil society is itself delivering on the sustainable development agenda, not just to highlight best practice and innovation, but also to hold ourselves accountable. We will share ideas and resources on making sure that alternative solutions are grounded in local needs and are sustainable.  See a complete overview of activities related to Innovation Solutions here For previous meeting notes, see here.