Toward an Accountability Revolution? Citizen Participation and the SDGs

  • 10th January 2018
  • Citizen participation, Monitoring & Accountability, SDGs,
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Danny Sriskandarajah, Secretary General, CIVICUS The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will not be achieved without significant public awareness and engagement. It is citizens who will hold governments accountable to the promises they made in 2015, and we need to find innovative ways of raising public pressure to deliver a more just and sustainable world by
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By Saurav Raj Pant, Founder of Garjan-Nepal, and a Fellow at Nepal Economic Forum as well as International Relations enthusiastic The High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development offered governments to begin planning the follow-up and review process of the Sustainable Development Goals. Here are five ways to ensure accountability in Nepal for the implementation for the
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The World is Watching You

Alexandra Johns, Asia Pacific Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (APA) Governments from around the world are discussing how to ensure the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be truly transformative. One of the key tenets to this comprehensive, far-reaching and people-centred global agenda is ‘accountability’ for the commitments – a word long avoided by
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