Policy & Advocacy

We will analyse and ask tough questions where we see problems, risks and shortcomings; we are working in a coordinated way to push power-holders to deliver better outcomes for people and planet. In this Working Group, we are driving forward advocacy on the implementation and review of the SDGs at national, regional and global levels. The Working Group has already worked collaboratively at the High Level Political Forum in 2016 and 2017, including a series of national civil society reports based on a shared questionnaire; key contributions at regional UN forums including UN ESCAP, UN ECA and UN ECLAC; and crucially joint advocacy activities at the HLPF itself including a range of side events.

You can see the summaries from the HLPF here.

Civil Society National SDG Progress Reports

A annual questionnaire with civil society groups across countries to monitor the state of goal progress and public engagement in the national implementation of the SDGs. Our previous reporting remit has covered the countries under voluntary review at the UN High Level Political Forum, which is the governance body for the global goals. See results from 22 countries that were under review in 2016 & the 44 countries under review in 2017 available here.

Help us deliver this activity, by telling-us the state of goal progress in your community! Participate here!