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In 2015 world leaders signed historic agreements – the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and the broader 2030 Agenda to push for a more just and sustainable world by 2030. These inter-linked agendas promised to transform the world, to end poverty, to reduce inequality, ensure peace and combat climate change; to set us on a path towards a just transition and a holistic approach to the systems which underpin our economy, society, and environment. So far, delivery has failed to live up to this bold ambition.

Around the world, people are suffering from the overlapping impacts of inequalities, loss of rights, gender injustice, conflict, militarisation, environmental degradation and climate change. The economic, financial and political systems are concentrating power and wealth in the hands of a few, favouring a limited number of individuals, countries and businesses. Nature is our life support system – when it is degraded, polluted and overused there are disastrous impacts for our food security, water supply, air quality and for our economy. Climate change impacts food security, water to irrigate crops and disruption from extreme weather events. Without tackling climate change and loss of biodiversity by protecting and restoring our natural world, we will fail to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

That is why we are standing alongside many others around the world in calling out a state of emergency. Humanity cannot afford to wait, people are demanding transformative change, and we are not willing to accept the current lack of action and ambition from many governments.

We are at a critical turning point – in September 2019, heads of state will meet again to review progress and we demand that they set out a more ambitious roadmap for practical action. This moment has the potential to foster irreversible momentum for greater accountability, enhanced ambition and clear action in the following 10 years to deliver on the promise of a just transition.

In order to deliver this momentum, we are working together across movements and across borders, to push for wider change, amplifying voices of local communities, and sharing the demands for transformational change coming from people from all across the globe.

To ensure that we move towards a just, peaceful and sustainable world by 2030… we stand together with rising movements, such as those led by women and young people for our rights to voice, equality, and climate and environmental justice.

Voice: We call on governments to guarantee the right to freedoms of expression, association and assembly; and to ensure inclusion and participation for all; so that people and community organisations can engage freely in all levels of decision-making processes in an open civic space, without fear of violence or intimidation. We also call on governments to commit to a universal moratorium or reduction of military budgets in order to fund climate and environmental protection and the fight against poverty, hunger and inequality.

Equality: We call on governments to address the multiple dimensions of inequality, deliver on their promise to ‘Leave No One Behind’; and to tackle the root causes of inequality through tax justice and social protection and an end to discrimination against women and girls and the most marginalized communities in every country. We call on all governments, but in particular provider countries, to champion these goals by overhauling their approaches to financing, consistent with both our ambition and agreed development effectiveness principles — to ensure democratic country ownership, a focus on results, inclusivity and mutual accountability.

Environmental & climate justice: We demand that countries honor their commitments by presenting concrete and ambitious plans to protect humanity and human rights; halting biodiversity loss and implementing concrete conservation measures; protection of people and communities at the frontlines of climate change, to build their resilience, support adaptation and address loss and damage; and move towards a just transition to renewables and concerted action to halve carbon emissions by 2030 and to eliminate them altogether by 2050 at the latest; so that we ensure that we limit the global temperature rise to 1.5C degrees.

We are working together for a joint Week of Action on 20-27 September, join us!

Promote this statement with the hashtag #StandTogetherNow on social media.

Your contact details will be used to inform you about actions related to this call to action. Please write to for any inquiries.

Signatories as of 7 August (list updated periodically)

  1. A cry of the African child
  2. Abibiman Foundation
  3. ACT Alliance
  4. Action for Sustainable Developement
  5. Action for Sustainable Development
  6. ActionAid
  7. Activist
  8. Ada
  9. Africa for SDGS/CEPARD
  10. Africa Young Positives Network
  11. Ageing Nepal
  12. Alberta Council for Global Cooperation
  13. Amis des Étrangers au Togo: ADET
  14. Amnesty International
  15. Andreas Szegö
  16. Anki Blomqvist
  17. annicamari
  18. Annie Phillipson
  19. Another Development Foundation
  20. AO1O-Asamblea sobre Desigualdades
  21. APSD – Asia Civil Society Partnership for Sustainable Development
  22. As an individual Hitesh BHATT-india empirical experience and freelancer.
  23. Asia Dalit Rights Forum
  24. Asia Development Alliance
  25. Associated Country Women of the World
  26. Association For Promotion Sustainable development
  27. Association for Rural Social Welfare Nepal (ARSOW Nepal)
  28. Association of Dalit Women Advancement of Nepal
  29. Athanasia
  30. AwazCDS/Pakistan Development Alliance
  31. AwazCDS-Pakistan
  32. Be the Change
  33. Blue Banner NGO, Mongolia
  34. Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
  35. Burundi Child Rights Coalition
  37. CAFSO-WRAG for Development
  38. Campaign for Good Governance
  39. CAN
  40. Canadian Council for International Co-operation
  41. Cecilia Fagerberg
  42. Center for Development of International Law
  43. Center for Human Rights & Development (CHRD)
  44. Centre for Environmental Justice
  45. Citizen
  47. Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development
  48. Civil Society or Non-Governmental Organisation
  49. Civil Society Platform on Sustainable Energy for All (CSPSEA)
  50. Climate Watch Thailand
  51. CODE-NGO
  52. CommonwealthYouth PAN
  53. Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
  54. Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC)
  55. Cooperation for Peace and Development (CPD)
  56. CPDE
  57. CSYM HUDUMA TANZANIA -Christian Spiritual Youth Ministry
  58. Daniel Johansson
  59. EcoHimal Nepal
  60. Economy for the Common Good
  61. Edmund Rice international
  63. Elaine Osborn
  64. Emonyo Yefwe International
  65. End Water Poverty
  66. Erika Olofsson
  67. Evaldas P.
  68. FAWCO/NGO Committee on the Status of Women Vienna
  69. Feminist League
  70. Fff Södertälje Sweden
  71. Forus
  72. Fredrik Lindqvist
  73. Fundamental human Rights & Rural Development Association FHRRDA
  74. Futuro en Común, Spanish cross-sectorial CSOs platform
  75. Gatef organization
  76. GCAP
  78. GCAP-Burundi
  80. German NGO Forum on Environment and Development
  81. Gestos – Soropositivity, Communication and Gender
  82. Global Call To Action Against Poverty (GCAP)
  83. Global Network of Women Peacebuilders
  84. Global Policy Forum
  85. Gray Panthers
  86. Greenpeace
  87. Grupo FARO
  88. Gulshan-e-John
  89. Hábitat para la Humanidad México A.C.
  90. Hague Appeal for Peace
  91. HaritaDhara Research Development and Education Foundation
  92. Hellenic Platform for Development
  93. Honorary President, Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU)
  94. Human Health Aid Burundi
  95. human rights solidarity movement
  96. Human Rights Support Society
  98. IFOAM – Organics International
  99. Indian Ocean Peace Council (IOPC)
  100. INFID – Indonesia
  101. Initiative zur Förderung der Wirtschfatskompetenz im Sinne der Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung e.V.
  102. International Academy of Science, Health & Ecology (Correpondent Member)
  103. International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
  104. International Movement ATD Fourth World
  105. International Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (IN-CSR)
  106. International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID)
  107. International Youth Alliance for Family Planning
  108. Jenny Gladh
  109. Jenny Nyberg
  110. Jeunes volontaires pour l’environnement
  111. Johannes Hilariusson
  112. Josefin Linih
  113. Judith Liesenfeld
  114. Justice, Development & Peace Commission, Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria
  115. Kaengesa environmental conservation society
  116. Karlstad Sweden
  117. Kenana Association
  118. Kenans Associstion
  119. Kikandwa Environmental Association
  120. Kindness Collective
  121. kkr ks charitable trust
  122. Klimataktion
  123. Korea Federation for Environmental Movement
  124. Krisoker Sor (Farmers’ Voice)
  125. Kristin Persson
  126. League of Professional Women
  127. Let There Be Light International
  128. Lynn Neher
  129. Make Mothers Matter (MMM)
  130. Malawi Handcart Project
  131. Maldives Association of Persons with Disabilities
  132. Maria Ebun Foundation
  133. Medical Mission Sisters
  134. medicusmundi spain
  135. meerkat foundation
  136. Migrant Forum in Asia
  137. Milda G.
  138. Mills College/ Global Women’s Justice and Peace
  139. Ministerio de la Producción
  140. Miriam College
  141. Mohamed Husni
  142. NABU e.V. (Birdlife Germany)
  143. National Campaign For Sustainable Development-Nepal
  144. National Dalit Movement for Justice-National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights
  145. Neo-Africa Leaderahip Organisation
  146. NET Africa
  147. NGO Carbone Guinée
  148. NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN)
  149. Nina Petersson
  150. ONG ADOKA
  152. Open Briefing
  153. Organismo indígena Naleb’
  154. Oxfam
  156. Pakistan Development Alliance
  157. Peace Hope Pakistan
  158. People Empowerment Foundation
  159. Peoples Federation for National Peace and Development (PEFENAP)
  160. Permaculture Association (Britain)
  161. Pesticide Action Network
  162. Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement
  163. PNND Co-Convenor
  164. POSCO Agenda 2030
  165. POVOD, Slovenia
  166. Preserve Rural Orange
  167. president Center for Development of International Law
  168. Pro Natura – Friends of the Earth Switzerland
  169. RACI – Argentine Network for International Cooperation
  170. Rapad Maroc
  171. Reacción Climática
  172. Red Dot Foundation
  173. Red para el Desarrollo Comunitario / Cemefi
  174. Réseau des Organisations de Développement et Associations de Défense de Droits de l’homme et de la Démocratie (RODADDHD)
  175. – Digital for Good
  176. Restless Development
  177. Rhamna Women & youth
  178. Roberta
  179. SAIEVAC(South Asia Initiative to End Violence Against Children
  180. Sanaeya Vandrewala
  181. Schools Without Borders
  182. Scotland’s International Development Alliance
  183. SDG Action Alliance Bangladesh
  185. Social Democrats Germany
  186. Success Capital Organisation
  187. Sugur Development Agency (SUDA)
  188. Sustainable Development Council
  189. Test
  190. Think Centre
  191. Transparency International-Mongolia
  192. Treesisters
  193. UDYAMA
  194. UNA-Germany
  195. UNA-Ghana
  196. Unanima Internstional
  197. Vaagdhara
  198. Vienna Ecosocial Forum
  199. Volunteer Groups Alliance
  200. WASH-Net Sierra Leone
  201. WaterAid
  202. WECF e.V. Women Engage for a Common Future
  203. Women Coalition for Agenda 2030
  204. Women for Equal Chances-Congo
  205. Women’s Rights Action Group
  206. World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy
  207. Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)
  208. Youth for Peace International
  209. Youth in Action for development
  210. Youth in Technology and Arts Network (YOTAN)
  211. Youth Partnership for Peace and Development
  212. Zac Bryant
  213. Zara Raheem
  214. Zulaikha Afzali

Header image: Climate march in Montevideo (Uruguay), March 2019 – ©Inés Pousadela